Video: Message in a Bottle

On occasion of WOW.19 / Bulgaria – to take place in Varna – between 12 and 14 July 2018,
The W.OW Project releases another contribution from Bulgaria to THe W:OW Project, entitled: Message in a Bottle –
standing in the context of the video series to be planned

Message in a Bottle, 2016, 44:00
“Message in a Bottle”, which is created with Dedalus Art School – (it is an association working in favour of society which was founded in 2009. Now they are looking for young talents and they are teaching them free of charge, with no fees, in the sphere of sculpture, graphics, music, photography, digital arts, graphic design, cinematography and theatric art).
There are two version of the film: longer 43 min. and shorter 30 min.
Synopsis: The project encompasses young artists between 8 and 22, by developing their creative potential and their awareness of cosmopolitanism. „Message in a bottle” allows children, and older girls and boys of various social and ethnic groups to express their creative vision of universal messages, which by the force of fortune would touch people of different nationalities, united by their closeness to the Black Sea. The use of the innovative practice of connecting the modern communicative approach of the worldwide web through the project’s website and the ancient way of shipwreck survivors’ communicating a message or a call for help with message in a bottle, turn the project into a fresh and quirky attempt to enrich and update arts’ means of expression in Varna.