Antonio Alvarado- curator

WOW Spain
curated by Antonio Alvarado

WOW.10 / India @ 4th TENT Little Cinema International Festival – 8-10 December 2017 Kolkata/India

WOW.18 / USA – @ Torrance Art Museum Los angeles/CA – 21 July – 14 December 2018

Antonio Alvarado

Digital, cybernetic and multimedia artist. He has been working for 40 years, having performed multiple solo and group exhibitions. More than 20 years ago he began to work with computers, since then he mixes in his works the electronic, the digital and the plastic.
My ideas, close to Theory of Strings and other contemporary theories, I do not use them as absolute truth but as an excuse to uncover worlds that hide under the layers of what is called reality, expanding it.
Having knowledge of software and hardware, I am in favor of working in collaboration with other people. I am currently developing works, which combine plastic and electronics, with the Weber-Lutgen
Gallery in Seville, the Museo La Neomudejar in Madrid and some members of Makespace Madrid.
Some recent activity:
– Past & Future. Gallery Weber-Lutgen · Seville.2017.
– Nave Escopica. La Neomudejar Museum. Madrid. 2016
– Movilforum IoT Hackathon. School of Industrial Organization. Madrid. 2015.
– Encuentro en Zona de Moraña 2015. Ávila. Spain. 2015.
– 5th International Videopoesia Festival. VideoBardo.Buenos Aires. 2014.
– Art and Technology.UOC (Open University of Catalonia). Madrid. 2014.
– Liberated Words III, COUNTDOWN. The Arnolfini Art Gallery. Bristol board. United Kingdom. 2014.
– Cibernetica. Gallery Weber-Lutgen. Seville. 2013.
– Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival. Festival of videopoesía. I participate with the collective Videobardo. The Arnolfini Art Gallery. Bristol board. United Kingdom. October 2013.
– IV International Festival of Videopoesía. Videobardo & Flux Club. Antic Teatre. Barcelona. 2013.
– AR¯TE¯CNICA. Gallery Weber-Lutgen. Seville. 2012.
– IV International Festival of Videopoesía. Centro Español de Buenos Aires, MALBA, Biblioteca Nacional. Buenos Aires. 2012.

Curatorial statement
All information is inevitably partial. Nothing is linear. We really do not know how many dimensions or how many nuances the most common fact can have. These manifestations can represent how I
understand the world around me and why I move in my work as a commissioner. To all knowledge I must approach, then every technique must be tested, accepted or abandoned.
My ideas, close to Theory of Strings and other contemporary theories, I do not use them as absolute truth but as an excuse to uncover worlds that are hidden under the layers of what is called reality, expanding it. I make this selection based on the quality and category of the artists. I have chosen to choose consecrated artists along with others who start their career in video art.


Marta Azparren (Spain) – Peso minuto, 2008, 1′.
Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Opus Nigrum, 2014, 7′ 32”.
Jesús de Frutos (Spain) – Volemos juntos, 2017, 2′.
Francisco Brives (Spain) – Tebras, 2015, 3′ 15”.
claRa apaRicio yoldi (Spain) – Fragmented Memory, 2013, 3′ 04”.
Magali Berenguer (Spain) – Ludmila., 2017. 3′.
Julia Juaniz (Spain) – Besos., 2016., 3′ 21”.


Marta Azparren

She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and distributes her
artistic activity between drawing, video art and performing arts.
Receives the 2009 Plastic Arts Grant from the Community of Madrid, for the Alephs Project,
videoactions on mediation of the work of art and blindness.
His work in video has been curated by outstanding curators such as Susana Blas, Javier Duero, Sema
D’Acosta, Juan Francisco Rueda, Kisito Assangni, Wilfred Agricola of Cologne, Matteo Bittanti, among
It has been shown in exhibitions, festivals and international fairs such as New Media Film Festival,
DFA’s Dance on Camera Festival, Art Beijing, Videoform Festival, XI Triennale International (Milan),
Kassel Dokfest, ESTAMPA Fair, LOOP, Contemporary Scene Festival, Night at Blanco, Instituto
Cervantes, among many others and has received the Prize Shut Up And Listen! Festival (Vienna,
2014), Jury Prize at the MADATAC 04 Festival (Madrid), Machinima Expo Award (USA), among
Very closely associated with the performing arts, she regularly collaborates with contemporary theater
and dance companies as a performer or performing installations and videos integrated in the works:
Rocío Molina, Sara Calero, Fernando Renjifo, … and has also directed several plays. He collaborates
regularly with musicians: Maneuvers, audio-visual interventions in industrial spaces, video and live
painting with the musician Pablo Martín Jones and audiovisual projects shared with the composer
Sergio Blardony (the video Tracto has been exhibited and awarded in numerous festivals).
His drawings have been published accompanying the work of live poets and books as in Nostalgia of
the action with Ana Gorría, Federico García Lorca in Where time is not freeze, Writings on music, José
Luis Gómez Toré in Claroscuro del bosque who is coauthor) and are heard birds and Eva Chinchilla in
Verbo Rea.

Title of work: Peso minuto, 2008, Duration: 1′.
Credits: Sound: Roberto Pérez-Gayo. Production: Raquel Samaniego.
Short synopsis
“Wow the time!” Jaime Gil de Biedma
Audiovisual reflection on the weight and density of the time of one minute observed exclusively.

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

Isabel Perez del Pulgar born in Granada (Spain) resided in France since 2015. Graduated in Geography and History specialty art by the University of Granada. He performs monographic courses
on Color Theory, Painting, Drawing and Techniques of engraving in the School of Arts of Granada and courses on design and digital art. In the decade of the 2000 adopts like mode of creation the video. The video as a plastic vehicle that auna movement, sound and pictorial vision. The work is conceived as a continuous fresco, divided into series and autonomous projects.
His work has been exhibited and selected at numerous international festivals. Has developed projects with composers and international video artists. Highlights: Daily Actions with W. Matthies, Pool Pearls & Streampearls with W. Matthies, P. Chagas and J. M. Sebastian, TOPOLOGIE DES NEUF CERCLES and Stabat Mater with R. Quelven and King Eissen, © Estanca 17 “with R. Quelven, Exquisite What Project.
Artwork included in Catalog the Gallery OB-ART. Program VIDEOsPAIN, Dependent AECID and Curator Iury Lech. Videotape CIDV – Video-art Investigation and Documentation.
Center Videotheque Art Stream.
Collections: Arte ALTER – Colección Curate By Jaime Rodriguez, CTFC – Colectivo Trauma Film
Collection OFFICIAL X Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Cologne OFF X – Arte Total – Alienated
Territories, Bop Decameron curator Marco Bazzini. Certaldo, Florence, MAGMART CAM Permanent
Collection Casoria Arte Contemporaneo Museum. Awards: º2 Premo / 2nd International Biennial of
video art and animation (VEA) Puebla. Mexico. 2016. – Prefinalist DISCOVERY Award – LOOP
Barcelona 2016. Finalist in LUMINICO INTERNACIONAL 2016. Mexico. Special Award of the Jury
MADATAC 06 (2014). Mention of Honor 1st Biennial of Videoart and Animation, VEA. Puebla (Mexico)
2014 Bop Decameron Award: curatore di Bop Decameron Marco Bazzini, Direttore Artistico del Centro
per l’arte contemporary Luigi Pecci di Prato. Certaldo, Florence 2013.

Title of work: Opus Nigrum .
Year: 2014.
Duration: 7′ 32”.
Credits: Video-performance Isabel Pérez del Pulgar. Music Rey Eisen.

Short synopsis
Alchemy aims to achieve, or at least try to think through a complicated labyrinth or encoding, the process leading to purify the impure. And through this purification to obtain the knowledge of all. Opus Nigrum alchemical formula that indicates the phase separation and dissolution of matter The alquimico definicion metafora process as the creative process. By way of battlefield donde the act of deconstruccion and construccion of i subjective and unconscious is pushed permanently by the insatisfaccion, frustracion and doubt. In the same way as this requires a permanent busqueda of
responses did not coded.
“To all appearances, the artist acts like a mediumistic being who, from the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way out to a clearing. If we give the attributes of a medium to the artist, we must then deny him the state of consciousness on the esthetic plane about what he is doing or why he is doing it.
All his decisions in the artistic execution of the work rest with pure intuition and cannot be translated into a self-analysis, spoken or written, or even thought out.”
“In the creative act, the artist goes from intention to realization through a chain of totally subjective reactions. His struggle toward the realization is a series of efforts, pains, satisfaction, refusals, decisions, which also cannot and must not be fully self-conscious, at least on the esthetic plane” T.S. Eliot, in his essay on “Tradition and Individual Talent”, writes: “The more perfect the artist, the more completely separate in him will be the man who suffers and the mind which creates; the more perfectly will the mind digest and transmute the passions which are its material.”

Jesús de Frutos

Jesús de Frutos Madrid 1961, began the journey in the world of photography at the age of 15, a the 18 work in advertising, feature film and documentary, at 32 I start my experience
by televisions, national, autonomous and international, I realize independent productions from 26 years in video art, documentary and photographic art. At present alternate experience
as an Audiovisual Expert and Audiovisual Coach with NLP

Title of work: Volemos juntos., 2017, 2′.
Credits: Jesus de Frutos.
Short synopsis
United by nature and its sounds … a moment for reflection.

Francisco Brives

Founder of O Grelo Producciones and Art House Madrid. He has worked on video-performance since 1994 combining theater and poetry. Perform facilities-performance, experimental film and
His piece “Primitive” has been shown in the Filmoteca Española. Other works, “La Ira”, “Acidia”, “Huérfanos de Cernuda”, etc. in an independent and experimental line. His feature film “Nunc et in
hora”, 2010, had 14 nominations Goya and 8 Mestre Mateo. Finished his feature film “DRAKO” is currently “Narciso violado”.
As a theater and film actor he has worked in Spain and Internationally with Eddy Bereycken, Benno Boudgoust, Nada kokotovich, Komei Sugano, Marcel Van Brakel, Ricardo Franco, Liberto Rabal.
He founded the production company “O GRELO PRODUCCIONES”, 2005, focusing as independent director and producer. “NUNC ET IN HORA” was selected by MADATAC 2010 (Instituto Cervantes),
International Optica Festival 2010 (La Casa de América); “Acidia” by La Fabrica (Barcelona); nominated for Best Independent Artist 2009 by International Optica Festival.
He creates La Maleta Amarilla with Nestor Prieto, as an international distribution seal for independent VideoArte and CineArte.
As a writer stand out: “Loba Maria”, editorial La avispa; “O meu libro das sombras”, “Cuarto de geranios… “, O Grelo ediciós. Founded Vidarte with Iñaki Echarte, together publish “Huerfanos de Cernuda” 2009. As editor he is responsible for the Cuadernos Inutiles collection. As speaker he lectures and masterclass on cultural management in the Foro Iberoamericano de
Cultura, the Master in Management of the Cinematographic Industry of the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, in the subject “Comisariado”. He is part of the curatorial team of the IVAHM festival since its creation. Codirige the Center of Arts of Avant-garde and Artistic Residence La Neomudejar together with Néstor Prieto, being invited to realize a project for the Museu da Republica de Rio de Janeiro.

Title of work: Tebras, 2015, 3′ 15”.
Credits: Videodanza. – Performer – Natalia Moreno. -Dancer – Francisco Brives. – Camera – Barbara Dominguez. – Installation “retorno al útero”. Manín Carrera – Costume: Rafael Díaz (La Madrina)
Concept and Editing: Francisco Brives. – Madrid. 2015
Short synopsis
Review of the scientific colonization of the body. The sick body as territoriality of abuse and political manipulation. Medicine as a castrating agent of the decision of free healing, study on the process of denialism against HIV. genre- Videodance

claRa apaRicio yoldi

claRa is a Video Artist from Madrid based in London. She mixes video and animation with painting, found footage, digital collages and programming, to create visual poems. Her videos reflect on the importance of images in the construction of the collective imagination, the power of mass media and telecommunications, the marketing strategies and the brands and adverts ubiquity, interactivity and hyperlinks as an illusion of the selection, the changes in the contemporary culture with the electronic distribution, the fragmentation of the narrative discourse, the information
overload, the surveillance control and the loss of privacy.
She has recently received the Most Promising Video Artist Award in Madatac 07 – Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival, Madrid, Spain. Her pieces have been awarded in other
international Video Art festivals such as FIVAC – Camagüey International Video Art Festival (Cuba), and BANG – Barcelona International Video Art Festival (Spain) and screened in galleries, museums
and cultural spaces around the world.

Title of work: : Fragmented Memory, 2013, 3′ 04”.
Credits: Concept, Video, Animation, Effects, Editing:claRa apaRicio yoldi. Music by Ciara Clifford.
Short synopsis
In post-industrial society we are witnessing information overload. This occurs when the amount of input in a system exceeds its processing capacity. We have fairly limited cognitive processing
capacity, so when information overload occurs, it is likely that a reduction in decision quality will occur.
Traditionally, text encoded human knowledge and memory, the printed word was linked to the art of rhetoric. The popularity of hyperlink illustrates the continuing decline in the field of rhetoric and the mistrust of contemporary culture in hierarchies. The two sources connected through a hyperlink have equal weight, without any having priority over the other.
In the different mediums of expression (literature, cinema, visual arts…), we are assisting to the fragmentation of the narrative discourse. We are questioning the traditional narrative resources with the juxtaposition of images, texts, copy-paste collages and a schizophrenic nature. In cyberspace, documents combine musical fragments with other sounds, texts, images…etc. It is this combination of concrete elements that produces the abstract meaning.

Magali Berenguer

Spanish born in Paris, lives in Madrid. Graphic journalist in various national and international newspapers. Videoartist and documentalist. First prize at the Italian festival of archeology in Perugia with the video “Vivant Denon”. In 2017 you have participated in the IVAHM festival in Madrid and in the Miami new media festival.

Title of work: Ludmila., 2017. 3′.
Credits: Concepto, imagen y realización: Magali Berenguer. Edition: Francisco Higuera.
Short synopsis
Two Italian brothers named Achille and Giovanni Judica Cordiglio, radio amateurs, captured a
dramatic woman’s voice from the space on the night of May 23, 1961, is the Russian Ludmila Tokov
sent by his government to space and never returned, but who would be the first woman cosmonaut?
The Russians have always denied it.

Julia Juaniz

Medicine Studies at the University of Zaragoza.
Since 1990, he has been a professional filmmaker. He took courses in photography at the “Spectrum” gallery in Zaragoza.
He has assembled more than 60 feature films and documentaries by Carlos Saura, Victor Erice, Ramón Barea, etc.
2017 “EMAKUMEARENEREMUA, el espacio de la mujer”-MUSEO de Artes de Vanguardia LA
2016″ SUEÑOS” La Alhondiga de Segovia
2014: “VER CON LOS OJOS Y EL ALMA” – MUSEO de Artes de Vanguardia La NEOMUDEJAR
2017 “LA MUJER”6min.
2016 “BESOS” 4 min.
2016 “Emigración” 8 mmn
2014 “Tan lejos – Tan cerca” 6 mmn 2014 “Tauromaquia onírica” 4 mmn 2014 “Discurso Chaplin” 4
mmn 2013 “El Grito de Guernica” 15 mmn
2013 “Jose” — “Colores 1”- “Colores 2”- “Puntos”.4 mm-
2012 “Bombas No Bombs ” 3min. 20 seg. 2012 “Laberinto de Oteiza”. 3 mmn
2011 “Burka”. 4min.
2011″ Guerreros de Xavier Mascaro ” 6nnin.
2009 “Silencio”. 6min.

Title of work: Besos., 2016., 3′ 21”.
Credits: Concept and realization: Julia Juaniz. Music: Nacho de Paz.
Short synopsis
In life there are different ways to reach a kiss. Many things can be counted or silenced with a kiss. Some are cheerful and others sad, one person gives and another receives but the most difficult kiss is not the first of life but the last.