The W:OW project

is a media art project in an exchange between virtual and physical space (online/offline) dealing with the most essential question of human existence, eg. the survival of the human species on planet EARTH. The project will cover a wide range of digital artistic media (moving, interactive and static images, and non-visual media like soundart)to be released in different presentation formats – an online/offline project core, a festival (video) and the virtual and a physical exhibition (all digital media) – directed and curated by Agricola de Cologne.

There is no doubt, that the current human civilization is about to destroy itself through itself. Many ancient civilizations were erased because they were extensively exploiting and misusing the natural resources destroying their nutrition fundament and own living habitat, the same way as we do on a much more radically global scale increasingly since decades. Do we learn from history?

Obviously not! These days, one of the keywords is the human made global warming and the climate change which has already currently most dramatic effects on the global living conditions. The destructive effects on nature can be observed anywhere. The rising temperature on earth causes the glaciers melting worldwide increasing the water level of the oceans, on the other hand the freshwater resources are dramatically decreasing on all continents, for example, in the Andes, where the ice and the glaciers are particularly fast melting or Africa and Asia where the desert is rapidly progressing leaving no water to the inhabitants any more.

It is just consequent that people leave their home in order to survive elsewhere. A big share of the currently more than 60 million refugees worldwide belong to these migrants. In future, more and more areas on Earth will become uninhabitable enforcing more and more people to start migrating. The shrinking water resources have additionally the potential for military conflicts.

Even it is the nature of the human species to be curious and explore the unknown far beyond the horizon, generating as a natural consequence a kind of globalization, it is an advanced globalization these days initiated by the new technologies and communication media making people anxious they might lose their identity and privileges, and populist political movements try to manipulate and misuse the emotional uncertainty of these people to destroy all the real civilizational achievements made during the past decades and centuries, by reviving most destructive ancient nationalistic, extremist, fascist and even terrorist ideologies which have the potential to catapult the human civilization back on an pre-industrial stone-age like state, while the true problems of global and local nature leave, however, unrestrained escalating.

After the genetics have proved, that the entire human species, no matter where people live on the globe has the same one ancestor in Africa, it is not too late to recognize that the entire mankind, thus we all – being brothers and sisters – are sitting in the same boat and have to take responsibility for each other – this is particularly good for those people living in the rich Western countries, and it requires the greatest common efforts to prevent the collapse of the biological, ecological and social systems on Earth, and save our planet as habitable not only for the living, but also the future generations.

As a global networking project between artvideoKOELN & The New Museum of Networked Art and associated networking partners, „The W:OW Project“ is inviting artists from all over the world working in different disciplines to reflect Present and Future of our planet as the place where life as such, the amazing diversity of a magnificent nature and the human species had the chance to arise, where this human species made such incredible achievements during the civilizational development until these days based on humanity, empathy and creativity, expressed, for instance, in art, the sciences and a free and open democratic society – We Are One World.

Besides the diversity of a global media art creation, The W.OW Project would like to present a diversity of curatorial concepts, as well as how students (schools, art schools, universities) reflect “We Are One Word” in a collaborative context. Therefore, another call is inviting globalwide curators to prepare curated contributions in video art on one hand, and collaborative projects (video and poster) on the other hand.